Inclusive Therapy: Indigenous Native American Culture

Zoom Webinar

Examine the need for inclusive counseling in Indigenous Native American culture in this free webinar with Billie Topa Tate', Mescalero Apache and Founder of MSI Wellness Center.

Inclusive Therapy: The Jewish Community

Zoom Webinar

Learn more about providing inclusive therapy and mental health support to the Jewish community with Yakov Danishefsky.

Inclusive Therapy: Co-Creating Compassionate Spaces

Zoom Webinar

Dr. Melba Nicholson Sullivan, PhD talks with Ani King, COO about co-creating compassionate spaces in your therapy practice as a part of providing inclusive therapy to clients.

5 Mistakes Therapists Make With Their Websites

Join Cory Miller who has years of experience doing digital marketing and web design. Cory will share the key things he's seen therapists do on their websites that stops them from being effective.