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Hi, I’m going to switch gears just a bit… but stick with me because it’s going to be really, really helpful to your marketing efforts and growing your practice.

But first, just a quick recap… yesterday I shared with you how your website should be your marketing hub for your practice.

(IF YOU MISSED IT – here’s a link)

OK, on to the tip… or rather KEY QUESTION:

How much is a new client worth to your practice goals?

The reason I ask this is because if you know this… you can make wiser decisions about your marketing efforts… AND how to grow your practice.

It also gets you thinking like the entrepreneur you are about your practice.

OK… now for the exercise… it’s two simple yet key questions.

  • What is your session rate?
  • How many sessions do most clients make (just ballpark)?

Now for some napkin math… multiply A times B…

And that’s roughly how much a new client is worth to your practice.

Here is our free worksheet to do this live…  including a special bonus too.

So now for that bonus exercise that you’ll see on the spreadsheet:

The Key Numbers to Reach Your Financial Goals.

Whenever I’m trying to reach any big goal, I like to break it down into the smallest and most manageable steps.

Every single time I do this, it resets my perspective as I see how realistic my goals are.

So on the spreadsheet, you have to plug in THREE numbers:

  • Your Goals — How much do you want to make in a month? (We’ll call this gross revenue before taxes).
  • Your Expenses — How much are your practice’s monthly expenses? (These are tax-deductible like in our list here)
  • Your Session Rate — we’ll come back to this down the road as it’s a lever to pull later to grow your practice AND make more money.

Plug those numbers in and get your 2 Key Numbers to grow your practice.

Keep playing with the spreadsheet numbers and see what it would take to reach certain financial goals.

I like to put reasonable goal numbers in at first and see what those elephant bites look like.

Then I plug some BIG numbers in.

I’ve done this exercise a thousand times for my businesses because the key numbers are inspiring and motivating.

Because my goals go from seemingly overwhelming to DOABLE.

So if you’ve done your homework today you should have two numbers:

  • How much a new client is worth to my practice goals
  • How many clients I need to hit my practice goals

Keep those numbers in front of you. Think about them often, because that’s where you’re going…

Take a moment and tell me your level of excitement/motivation now ….

5 — SOOO Ready to rock this! — Highest
3 — Meh ….
1 — Lowest

By the way, I want these two numbers to simmer overnight… but look for my email tomorrow as I’m going to be asking a couple of key questions as well as making you a great offer.

—Cory Miller

Cory Miller

P.S. — I hope you’ve benefited from these emails. I’ve tried to boil down my experiences and knowledge over 13+ years as an entrepreneur to help you reach your goals.

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