Hello again,

Yesterday I mentioned I’d have a quick marketing tip for you and your counseling practice today… as promised, here it is:

Wanna know what the best way to get new clients to your practice — that’s also free?

It’s Google.

But specifically, it’s a free service called Google My Business.

I would guess about 70% of the clinicians we talk and work with, don’t utilize this at all… making it THE Missing Piece of Marketing Counseling Practices.

Google My Business is the technical name… but if you’ve ever gone to Google and searched for “Plumber” or “bbq restaurant” or even “Therapist” or “Counselor,” you’ve seen Google My Business in action.

The reason why Google and Google My Business is so powerful is because it’s the best “I need an answer” or in our case “I need to find a therapist” platform ever invented.

Hundreds and perhaps thousands of people a day (depending on where you’re located) are going to Google and typing in “therapist” or “marriage therapists” or “Counselor” or some terms that SHOULD lead to you and your practice…

You, dear counselor, need to be there.

To be discovered.
To be found.
To be connected to the people who are hurting and need your guidance.

It’s a potentially endless marketing pipeline for your practice and again… getting a profile is FREE.

Here are the steps…

Step 1: Setup your Google My Business account and (be sure to use your office address)
Step 2: Google will send you a postcard with a special code to verify you are at that address
Step 3: Start fleshing out your profile.

By the way, if you need help, we’ve got a Done-for-You service designed just for therapists

OK, that’s my quick (but absolutely essential) marketing tip for you…

Tomorrow, I’m going to send you an email tip on why your website should be your home and hub for all your marketing efforts.

—Cory Miller

Cory Miller

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