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You’re Doing GOOD In The World…It’s Time To Do WELL in The World

We create a marketing-focused website that attracts ideal clients for your practice, so you can spend less time on tech & marketing, and more time with your clients.

The Simple 3 Step Plan To Launching
Your New Client-Attracting Website

Step 1:

Schedule A Call With Our Team

Step 2:

Allow Us To Lead You Through The Process

Step 3:
Attract New Clients With Your Website

We’ll Help You Choose A Beautiful Design to Match Your Unique Brand

Together we’ll choose a design you will be proud to share.

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How Will Your New Website Help Grow Your Practice?

Building and Running a Practice is hard enough. We handle the boring tech stuff and help you get real marketing results so you can focus on the parts of your business that you are truly passionate about.

Google Search Optimization
Built In

We build your website in a very specific way that helps Google find and list your information online.

This will help you rank higher in search results, increase your web traffic, and help find new clients for you 24/7.

Designed For Easy Client Navigation

Your new website makes it very easy for potential clients to find your services fast and easy.

Our templates make your practice easy to call, and your services easy to book.

A Website That Helps You Build Your Brand

Our Beautiful Templates are customized 
to you and designed to help potential clients feel safe, supported, and comfortable working with you.

We make it easy for you to build your brand as you grow your business.

Why Choose All Counselors
for Your Website?

We want to help you focus all your energy on your clients, not on keeping up with technology and marketing.

Our deeply personal mission is to help create A Well World, which is why we choose to help mental health professionals every day.

Part of how we help therapists is taking on your marketing and technology needs so you can focus on doing your work.

We have over 25 years of web design, website hosting, and digital marketing experience

We know digital marketing and web design and we’ve built and helped grow multi-million dollar companies with that knowledge.

Now we’re applying that experience and expertise exclusively to helping mental health clinicians grow their practices.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be delighted!

If you’re not happy after 14 days of your initial purchase, we’ll happily refund your initial month.

All we ask is that you tell us how we can do better for the next therapist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most websites are ready for prime time within 5-10 business days of completing your first payment. Delays may happen if we’re waiting on pictures or critical information that allows us to complete the set up. We’ll be sure to communicate where we are with getting you set up, and any outstanding needs, so that you know what to expect.

Absolutely! It’s very important to us that your website design communicates your expertise in a way that will attract your ideal clients. This means that we’ll make sure you like the template you’ve chosen and that your information is completely accurate.

You can to our support area, but not to your website. As part of meeting our commitment to setting up, maintaining, and updating your website we do not provide you with login credentials or the ability to edit or modify your site.

However, it is very easy for you to submit update requests to our team via support request, and we’ll always get in touch if we notice a significant change or update we can make to bring even more clients to you.

All Counselors offers our website design and marketing packages for therapists at an extremely discounted rate (paid monthly) that would normally start at $2,500 per website. Thus, All Counselors owns the design itself, and our team optimizes and applies your information within the design for best results.

Choosing a domain name is really important, so we’re thrilled that you already have something that works for you! What we will do is have you provide us access to your website, also called a domain, registrar, or even better, transfer the domain to our registrar (GoDaddy) so we can manage your IP and DNS settings. We’ll walk through both options with you.

Yes! We will look up available options based on your name, the name of your practice if it differs, and your specialties and will provide suggestions for you to choose from. Once you settle on a domain we’ll do the work of registering and setting it up for you.

Yes. All of our websites have SSL certificates installed prior to going live.

If you are interested in adding additional content to your website in the form of a blog, let us know and we can discuss a custom content package. Content is vital to your website and marketing performance, which means we carefully scope and choose the right information that will bring clients in via search engines. A blog can help or hinder that effort and having a well developed content strategy is essential when embarking on that journey.

The short answer is yes, however we know that some people feel anxious about the photos they have, or simply don’t like having their picture taken. We are happy to provide you with proven ways to either take your own quality photos, or have a person you trust help, so you don’t have to book a professional photographer, unless you want to.

Part of the work we do for your site to attract the best clients based on your services is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which in simple terms means looking at the words people use when searching for a therapist and making sure we use those terms. They may be a little different than what you would use when talking to colleagues or helping a client understand a modality.

Google My Business and your website are a match made in marketing heaven. Ensuring that they are synced up with regards to information makes it even easier for your ideal clients to find you and book a session or reach out. When All Counselors manages both it means we apply our research and findings to your website and your Google My Business to maximize results.

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Your website and all corresponding content or information will be fully deleted from our servers 30 days after cancellation. If you change your mind, you can reach out to us anytime in that 30 days and we can make your site live again. We will also remove your payment information at the time of cancellation so you will not be charged again even if your billing date falls within 30 days. We do not offer prorated refunds for this service, as the fees cover hosting costs while the site is live. 

  • Design & Content
    • All Counselors owns the website design itself, and does not permit moving the website to another host and does not provide site backups for the purposes of migrating or moving. 
  • Domain Registration 
    • You can transfer your domain (website) name to the host of your choice. 
    • If you would prefer to leave the domain with us there will be a $25USD charge per year for managing the domain and a $25USD charge per request for DNS and other updates.
  • Google My Business 
    • We will transfer ownership of your Google My Business account to you and will remove all access for All Counselors team members.