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All Counselors CEO Cory Miller

Why We Do This Work

From CEO Cory Miller

“We hurt where we care, and care where we hurt. Turn pain into purpose.”

Dr. Steven C. Hayes, founder of ACT Therapy

In a few words, that’s exactly why All Counselors exists today. In 2010, I walked into a counselors office for the first time in many years to seek help, support and healing.

That visit and the countless others since then have profoundly shaped my life (and career). And in 2015 I started sharing my story publicly for the first time.

Part of my personal calling in life is to champion mental health in our world.

All of us at All Counselors have a similar story. We do this because we want to help. We want to make an impact.

Through All Counselors, we apply our experiences and expertise to serve and support therapists, who all too often feel like they are stranded on an island.

Specifically, we know if we help you, dear therapists and counselors, that we free you to help more and help even better.

It’s about Helping the Helpers.

That’s exponential impact and that’s why we do what we do here.

I hope you’ll join us for the journey as we walk alongside you in your work in the world.